PCI has developed a growing portfolio of coatings that address antimicrobial, fire protection, pest control and weather protection needs. Many products feature multiple benefits that span across these needs and into others. All of our products are water based, have low VOC levels, and are safe for use as latex house paint. Our existing formulations have been rigorously tested under the tightest of controls to ensure the highest level of efficacy under in the most demanding of environments. Our existing formulations complement our custom formulations, in which we develop a coating solution to address the unique needs of our customers.

Whether you’re a building contractor on the jobsite, or a manufacturer needing a coating to provide protection for your products, we can formulate a solution for you. Consider how a custom solution can benefit your business by protecting your products, environment, or materials from the following:

MOLD              ALGAE                 PESTS              FIRE                  WATER                  WEATHER