Solutions for Termites

Termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-boring insects can cause considerable damage to a wooden structure if not noticed or neglected. The damage in the USA is about $5 billion per year, and most often it is not covered by insurance. Wood-boring insects can get into a structure through cracks or voids in the foundation wall, […]

About Sanitizers

Sanitizers are used on non-porous surfaces to kill microorganisms of bacteria or fungus. They will not work on non-sealed wood surfaces. They need to be in contact with the surface for normally about 30 seconds to be effective. The surface must be clean as any organic matter can render the sanitizer ineffective. When using sanitizers, […]

A Little Bit About Mold

Mold is a fungus that can grow anywhere there is a source of moisture, a source of organic matter, and proper temperatures. As such, it is often found in most environments. The mold produces spores which are carried in the air and can be deposited on interior surfaces, and stay there dormant until sufficient moisture […]

The PCI Way

At PCI, it’s not about selling standardized coatings that address one need–it’s about creating custom coating solutions that address every need. As a research & development driven company, we’re committed to fulfilling a growing need within a set of commercial and industrial channels. We’re a company founded on decades of experience not only developing products […]